Can Social Media Replace Europe email list?

  • Either in B2C or B2B Europe email list, communicating about an offer, a promotion or an update through Facebook, Twitter or any other social network makes the communication impersonal. When a Facebook page or Europe email list a Twitter account publishes a post, it would be addressed to the general public. While in an email/newsletter, businesses can approach each individual in the contact list with the first and last name Europe email list. Doing so drives more attention to the content of the email which can also result in better outcome. According to Aberdeen, "personalized emails improves CTR by Europe email list 14% and conversions by 10%".

    Emails are more Europe email list effective than Facebook, Twitter... etc. The ultimate purposes of businesses being online are acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. Many think that Facebook, being the Europe email list largest social network out there, is the best place to attract new customers. However, many studies show that emails attract new customers more than any social network. In fact, according to McKinsey, Europe email list are 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter for acquiring new customers. Monette adds to this that email marketing is the channel that drives the most Europe email list conversions.

    Email messages have better chance to be seen than social media. Without a doubt, Facebook is the largest social network ever, and the second most populated Europe email list website after Google. However, running a Facebook ad for a specific target doesn't necessarily assure that all users, within this target, will see the ad. Yes, it's true, this also Europe email list applies to emails. But according to Radiate, an email message has 5x higher chance to be seen than a Facebook post.